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  1. Love the blog Lisa!!! Great way to get updates on Wade and your journey along the way.

    • Speedy Recovery Wade, Love you man !

  2. Thank you Lisa for allowing us to follow this journey with youand Wade you are truly a pillar of strength to all of us.♥♥♥

    • Thanks Angela!
      Being newbies to Cumberland Co. we had no idea of the outpouring of love and support we would receive from our local community. We are truly touched, and appreciate it so much. It’s because of the love and kindness of others that we can remain strong and positive. We couldn’t do it without you!
      Take good care, and give our best to Todd and Ashley!
      xo L&W

  3. Thanks for creating this. It is an amazing testimony to how determined you two are. Very inspiring. This is quite a “dance” you are in the middle of, and I am finding myself profoundly affected by your positivity. Good luck and best wishes to you.

  4. Wade and Lisa,

    Hope you are both feeling better at this point. Can’t wait to see you guys either here in HK or in NS, hopefully next summer.

    I know you are anyway, but Keep the Faith.

    Dean and Kat

    PS – WADE!!!

    PPS – can we transfer you anything from HK? Please let me know if this is possible.

  5. Dear Wade and Lisa…a few days ago I asked Jeff Wall if he had heard from Wade and he told me of Wade’s illness. Wade, you have such energy and optimism, the ultimate attitudes for life. I have so many memories of your wonderful classroom teaching and relationships with your Hong Kong students, so I am willing you to be back here soon. Lisa, we have not met but thank you for creating such an effective and informative blog to allow those of us on the perimter to see how you are both progressing.
    Love, Michele Davis

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Michele! Wade remembers you fondly and was very touched by your message. All the support we are receiving plays a big part in Wade’s recovery. I’m positive about that. Thank you for reading!!
      Lisa & Wade

  6. Wade and Lisa,

    Keep trucking… Sending my prayers, positive vibes and regards. We are all doing very well. Isaiah is growing beautifully, Grace is amazing and Sheldon is back to the routine. I have my next Cat Scan in December to follow-up my treatment this past year or so. I am feeling well. You are both an amazing.

    Renée (formerly Desveaux) Boyd & Family.

  7. Dear Wade and Lisa,

    I live in cheticamp. Lisa I think we met years ago at the Shoe Shop in Halifax I am Wade’s cousin, it has been a long time since i have seen Wade but I wanted to write you a few lines.
    I just read your entire blog and I was really moved. You have been thru so much in the past year. Please know that you are both in my prayers.
    Although we cannot understand why we have to endure such hard times in this life, it is inspiring to see how positive you have been thru it all.
    I will continue to pray for your healing, courage and strength.
    Love Sheila xox

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